About Us


Ten years ago, two bold and dream-filled young entrepreneurs arrived in this country in search of a better future. Yai and Jesús, a couple of ambitious immigrant youngsters, faced countless challenges and hardships, but with unwavering determination, they tirelessly strived from day one.

 With a passion for professional growth and a desire to make a difference, Jesús always dreamed of being an investor, while Yai found her calling in the world of beauty and cosmetology.

 They worked as waiters, stylists, and held various jobs until they took their first step into the business world as real estate investors, buying, renting, and renovating properties.


But their ambition didn't stop there. Together, they decided to open 512 Furniture, their own furniture store, offering a wide range of furniture and decor accessories, including the exclusive aroma by 512 Furniture. With a vision to make a difference, they designed many of the pieces in their catalog, seeking to add a unique touch to every corner.

 Today, there is no rest for this entrepreneurial couple, who are also mother and father to a beautiful child. Although the journey has been challenging, their determination and dedication have turned their dreams into reality. With Aroma by 512 as an exclusive brand of their furniture store, Yai and Jesús are ready to captivate hearts with exceptional fragrances and unparalleled service. Their success story inspires all those who dream big and work tirelessly to bring their boldest visions to life.